Chapter #143: 2010 Super Bowl Advertising - February 12, 2010

The U.S. Capitol, under renovation in 2002 - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

"You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time" - Abraham Lincoln

While watching the 2010 Super Bowl, we enjoyed the game, but were dismayed that violence and antisocial behavior were elevated further as art. Our concern was less for the game than for its corporate advertising. For only $2.5 million per minute, a corporate sponsor could perpetrate any message they like on the largest TV audience in history.  

To see that violence is now part of popular culture, look no further than the gang cultures of Los Angeles. Over the past sixty years, gratuitous violence attained the status of cool or acceptable behavior. Now, the waterfall effect of violence pours down from one generation to the next. Likewise, high definition, violence is now an integral part of corporate advertising culture. During Super Bowl XLIV, several ads featured physical violence perpetrated on innocent people. The most startling moments included blind-side tackles of vulnerable humans. The digitally enhanced tackles arrived rapidly from off-screen. Their apparent force was so great that victims flew off the opposite side of the screen.

The Washington Monument, Washington, DC - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)The word, “New”, is the first tenet of Madison Avenue style advertising. Using “New” in an ad guarantees that people will pay greater attention. Many Americans think that there is nothing new in their lives. Corporations try to fill these unspecified needs with new products, services or simply their advertising presentation. While TV ad violence is not new, high definition images, with surround-sound enhanced violence is. Once a violent ad campaign becomes popular, the only way to “keep it new” is to ramp up the violence.  

“Sex sells” is Madison Avenue tenet number two. Selling sex is at the core of the GoDaddy.com ad strategy. Over the years, this strategy has rocketed GoDaddy from “also ran” to its current position as a top-ranked internet services company. This year, GoDaddy's edgily sexy ads featured female racecar driver Danica Patrick, lying on a massage table. As Danica languidly smiles at the camera and repeats here lines, an attractive blond masseuse stands nearby. Later, the masseuse rips off her own bodice and moves toward Danica. Cut – fade to GoDaddy.com logo. With a strip show going on, who remembers any message other than the innuendo of lesbian sex? What will the two, scantily clothed women do next? With GoDaddy’s history of showing racier versions of their ads on the internet, how many viewers browsed to see if more Danica Patrick action was available? 

View from Lincoln Memorial, toward the Reflecting Pool and the Washington Monument - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)The third tenet of Madison Avenue advertising is Death. Until 1975, self-censorship and tradition dictated that movie violence never originated off-screen. That year, Steven Spielberg’s mechanical shark faltered during production of his movie Jaws. During post-production, there was scant footage of the mechanical shark available. In order to salvage the movie, Spielberg kept the shark off-screen most of the time, using music to represent its lurking menace. When the shark finally appeared, it arrived from off-screen, attacking the hero as he stood on the deck of a boat. That single act of off-screen-to-onscreen violence legitimized the device, both in movies and corporate advertising.

At $100,000 per second, things happen fast in Super Bowl advertising. In the Mars Snickers ad, eighty-eight years old, Betty White runs downfield with a football. With her cutesy face and unsteady gait, naturally we root for her. After dodging several obstacles, Betty is then blindsided by a fast-motion, full-body tackle. Despite the crushing blow, Betty quickly returns. Fortified with a Snickers bar, she makes a successful downfield run. Not so lucky is an elderly, disabled man. Sitting calmly in his wheelchair, a high speed, full body tackle sweeps him off-screen. Why is it, I wondered, that advertisements featuring disabled people so often perpetrate violence upon them?

During halftime, Roger Daltry and Pete Townsend of the classic rock band, “The Who” sang a medley of their hits, starting with, “My Generation”. The song’s most memorable line is, “I hope I die before I get old”. Obviously, the folks at Mars listened to that one.

Close-up View - Statue of Abraham Lincoln, seated in the Lincoln Memorial - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)There is an alarming trend toward random acts of violence perpetrated on older or disabled Americans. Recently, the district attorney in Los Angeles charged and convicted a man for the unprovoked beating of a disabled person. If not for a security camera at the scene, the crime would have gone unsolved.

Contrast Snickers’ onscreen violence with the Anheuser Busch ad featuring a young bull and a Clydesdale colt, growing up together. Is this what The Who meant when they sang, “Out here in the fields, we found something real”? Designed to engender positive feelings about a brand, “feel good ads” of this type have broad audience appeal. How many children who watched this farmyard ad will grow up to favor Budweiser beer?  

Through their ads, corporations reveal what C.G. Jung calls the “Shadow Self”. Often representing the raw, unseemly side of our personality, we try to hide it from everyone. Blind to the messages they are sending, corporations rely on shock value to keep us watching their ads. Projecting anti-age, anti-disability messages immediately brands them as corporate hypocrites. Their sheer meanness is an indicator of the hidden contempt that some corporations feel towards humanity.

With masterful obfuscation on the subject of aging and death, many of these ads target young, healthy Americans. Corporate advertisers offer young people a “free pass” by perpetrating violence only on older, more vulnerable people. This perpetrates the hoax that generation “X, Y and Z” are immune to aging or disability. A deeper, meta-message is that corporations see older or disabled persons as “non customers”, and thus dispensable.  

The Lincoln Memorial at Dusk - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision ruled that corporations are “associations of citizens”. Their ruling neglects the fact that foreign interests control many U.S. corporations. Whether foreign or domestic, Corporate Persons, now have the same constitutional right to free speech as any other “citizen”. Does it concern the court’s majority that Corporate Persons immediately ratcheted up their high definition, surround-sound calls to violence against human citizens?  

Now that “corporations are people too”, we shall see an advertising onslaught of which Super Bowl XLIV is only the kickoff. Corporations may now spend their ad money on anything legal, including unlimited support for political campaigns. The 2010 Super Bowl featured at least one ad financed by “an association of citizens”. With its “pro-life” stance on abortion, the ad featured NFL football player Tim Tebow and his mother. In a dysfunctional payback for her not aborting him as a fetus, he blind-side tackles her as if she were a mere Betty White. 

Often unexpectedly, the “Corporate Person” displays its Shadow Self. GoDaddy.com is about sex, and they barely hide it. Mars Snickers are about death, as entertainment. Anheuser Busch is about selling beer to children. Ironically, the pro-life “association” resorted to gratuitous violence against a mother to publicize their “pro-life” message.  

Close-up of Abraham Lincoln statue at the Lincoln Memorial - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)If The Who’s ten-minute mini concert had been a Super Bowl ad, it would have cost $25 million. Since Anheuser Busch ads ran for ten full minutes, you could say that they paid for The Who's presence onscreen. Did our new Corporate Person realize that The Who’s longstanding message is that we should mistrust authority, power and greed? “Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss”, they sang.  

As the concert reached its crescendo, Roger Daltry belted out, “We won’t get fooled again. Oh, no…” The song’s finale directed all conscious viewers back to its central message, which is – Do not trust anyone, especially a Corporate Person who buys, sells or pulls the levers of power from behind a legal curtain. This applies equally to those who do their corporate bidding from the bench, wearing the black robes of justice. In either case, the cynical nature of their Shadow Self steps forward, naked for all to see.

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Chapter #142: Navajo National Monument Sunset - January 12, 2010

Carrie McCoy at Navajo National Monument, Arizona - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

This Magic Moment, So Different And So New...

In April 2007, I traveled from Los Angeles, California to Moab, Utah. On the night before my arrival in Moab, I stopped at Navajo National Monument. There, they have a free campground that sits high on a west-facing ridge. That evening, the sunset was beautiful. Far from the nearest city, the quiet night soon filled with stars. 
Only a week before, I had met Carrie, at her home in Simi Valley, CA. Now I was on the road, heading to Moab, over 800 miles away. Having met her only twice, I knew that she was the woman I had searched for all of my life. This new relationship would last forever, I believed. The only thing I had not yet done was to tell Carrie that I loved her.
Kokopelli Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, not for sale on the Navajo Indian Reservation or Kayenta, Arizona - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
After reading for a while that night, I felt lonely and alone, far from friends and family. Since I was fifteen miles off U.S. Highway 160, between Tuba City and Kayenta, AZ, I assumed that there would be no cellular telephone service. To my surprise, a strong signal reached my coach, perhaps from Tuba City. From the 7200-foot elevation at Navajo National Monument, there was a sixty-mile sight-line to Tuba City, at 4960-foot elevation.
As soon as I saw cellular reception on my mobile telephone, I dialed Carrie. That night, she was staying at the historic Santa Maria Inn in Santa Maria, CA. We talked for over an hour. I told her that I loved her. She told me that she loved me too, but as she did, the cellular connection buzzed in my ear. Not knowing what she had just said, I did not want to ask, “What did you say?”
During the conversation, she invited me to fly back to LA for my birthday, on Cinco de Mayo weekend 2007. It was an offer that I gladly accepted. Later, she called me back and asked, “You did hear me when I said, ‘I love you too’, didn’t you?” From that moment on, Sunset Campground at Navajo National Monument became a special place in my life.
A toast "To Our Love" - click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Two and one half years later, in October 2009, Carrie and I shared our first sunset at that magical place. She and I were traveling from Moab, Utah to Casa Carrie, in Simi Valley, CA. Leaving Moab before noon; we arrived at Sunset Campground about an hour before sundown. That gave us time to prepare a toast to that special place. Our wine that evening was a Kokopelli Vineyards Arizona Cabernet Sauvignon.
As sunset fast approached, we took our glasses out to the rim of the campground. There, at sunset in that beautiful place, I proposed a toast. It was, “To our Love”. Since Kokopelli plays such a big part in the energies of that area, we toasted to him, as well.
Kokopelli in the sky with diamonds - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Soon, the sun dipped behind a large cloudbank hovered on the western horizon, many leagues away. Distances in the Four Corners can be deceiving. There is a sight-line from the monument to the San Francisco Peaks, ninety miles away. For that reason, it was impossible to know how far away the clouds really were.
Although I had once experienced an overcast sunset at that place, I had not seen the sun set behind the clouds from there. Perhaps because of a false horizon and perhaps for reasons more magical, our sunset lasted for longer than expected.
A cloud-being rests atop Navajo Mountain, Utah - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As we looked to the western sky, shades of gold showered from the clouds above. Looking like fiery red creatures, deep red colors shone through many holes in the cloudbank. Above the darkening horizon, in clear sky the color of faded turquoise, we saw splashes of golden light. As we watched, coded swoosh-dot-dash lights hovered above the horizon. The brightness and intensity of these celestial features were unlike any clouds we had seen before.
As the sunset slowly faded, the intense display of light remained. For many minutes, features in the cloud-cipher barely changed. Whatever message it had to impart, we had time to marvel at the beauty of nature in that time and place. Turning to Carrie, I said, “It looks like Kokopelli in the sky, coming to greet us and bless us in this sacred place”. Pausing before she replied, “It is a magical place. Thank you for inviting me to share this special place with you.” If it were not for my need to keep taking pictures, I might then have melted into the sandstone of the ridge on which we stood.
Navajo Sunset, Navajo National Monument - As Kokopelli offers his gold to all who desire it, a dolphin heads in the opposite direction - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As the sunset faded in the foreground, an angel or cloud-being came to rest atop Navajo Mountain, over thirty miles away in Southern Utah. At 10,385 feet, the peak stood out against a darkening horizon. Mimicking the shape of the mountain below, the being’s arms rested atop the pillow of air that separated mist from rock.
As darkness closed further around us, we turned again to see our sky bound Kokopelli, still shining, low in the western sky. Since all good things must end, we turned to face the final moments of our private sunset. Golden light flowed across the land, cloud beings rested atop nearby peaks and Kokopelli showered sparks of golden light before us. For both of us, it was a magical moment.
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Chapter #122: Moab Ranch - Plasma Flow Event - July 3, 2009

Moab Ranch Webcam #1 captures a Plasma Flow event (http://jamesmcgillis.com)Images of New Energy Plasma Torus at Moab Ranch

On Monday, June 29, 2009, an unprecedented influx of new energy showered down on Spanish Valley, Utah.  Here on Earth, the point of presence appeared to be the Pueblo Verde Ranchettes at Moab Ranch
A Navajo-worthy image of the rising sun captured from several miles away by the Moab RV webcam, demonstrates the focused power of the Sun as it crests the La Sal Range.  Later New energy comet (left) and plasma torus appear above Moab Ranch - Click for alternate image of torus energy flow (http://jamesmcgillis.com)that morning, the Moab Ranch webcam caught three images of an otherwise undocumented plasma-flow.  From Moab Ranch, it appeared in the sky above the La Sals, seeming to light all of the world from there. During the event, virtual wildflowers appeared, as seen in the residential yards and along the curb of Rancho Verde Drive.
In the first frame, a new energy comet descends, its yellow hallow and blue-coma flashing down past Redrocks rimming the Spanish Valley.  In the second frame, new energy encircles the homes then under construction in the Pueblo Verde neighborhood.  In the final frame, remnants of new energy During the torus energy-flow event, virtual wildflowers bloomed at the Ranchettes at Moab Ranch - Click for larger image.cling like melting snow to the homes and along the edge of the road.  In that frame, the plasma flow reverses direction and its new energy torus retreats skyward and into the distance.
Although it was unique and beautiful, this unprecedented energy event disabled the image-sensor on the Moab Ranch webcam.  Until we can replace it, please enjoy these first-ever images of a super-colliding, new-energy, plasma-flow in open air.  When events of this nature appear before our eyes, we wonder why scientists spend so much effort trying to contain and harness plasma-flow events in high-energy particle accelerators.  If we allow it, new energy from the Sun is always free. 
Plasma flow retreats from Moab Ranch - Click for similar image of plasma flow associated with protein production (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
We are happy to announce that a new energy bridge to Moab Ranch and Spanish Valley is now open.  As you read this article, you are the other terminus of that energy bridge.  If you are interested in allowing new energy, please join us and “set a spell” at Moab Ranch.

For comprehensive elucidation of hyperdimensionality in a resonant universe, please review the works of Hoagland and others Here.

For spectral evidence of classical ion slowing, please visit our friends Here.


Your daily Spanish Valley webcam view is courtesy of Spanish Valley Vineyards and Winery, in conjunction with MoabWine.com.

Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery Webcam 
Image refreshes every 6 seconds 

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Chapter #119: Memorial Day 2009, Burbank, CA - May 30, 2009

Veteran of World War II, a Condor Squadron North American AT-6/SNJ vintage aircraft - Click for Memorial Day flyover image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

Memorial Day 2009 - Burbank, California

Dedication of Larry L. Maxam Memorial Park

On Monday May 25, 2009, we attended a Memorial Day Ceremony at McCambridge Park, in Burbank, California.  The City of Burbank and its Veterans Commemorative Committee jointly sponsored the event, which attracted over five hundred people.  This year, the theme of the event was, “A time of song, word, remembrance and celebration”.
U.S. Marines Corp Color Guard at McCambridge Park, Burbank, California Memorial Day event - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
After a stirring prelude by the Burbank Community Band, the Condor Squadron, based in Van Nuys, California, conducted a flyover, with a squadron of their fully restored North American AT-6/SNJ World War II vintage aircraft.  A frequent sight over such events in Southern California, the Condor Squadron’s flyover saluted the men and women of our armed forces, and honored the sacrifices they have made.  With their powerful radial engines thrumming a heartfelt beat, the flyover added excitement and drama to the day’s events.
Ms. Pat Walmisley then led the crowd in a rendition of “God Bless America” that would have made Kate Smith proud.  Next was the Presentation of Colors, by the Second Battalion 23rd Marines, a reserve infantry battalion under the command of the 23rd Marine Regiment and the 4th Marine Division.  After the National Anthem, Flag Salute and Invocation, the ceremony paid tribute to every Burbank-related service person that lost their life during World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan.  While the crowd listened to the reading of names of those lost in war, we watched the Ceremony of the Rose. 
Boy Scouts perform the Order of the Rose Ceremony, Memorial Day 2009, Burbank, California - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)
During the ceremony, a group of Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts placed a single rose for each of the deceased on a monument in that special corner of the park.
Following the remarks of the city’s mayor, state and congressional legislators, Mr. Mickey DePalo, the head of the Burbank Veterans Commemorative Committee stepped forward to re-name Pacific Park in honor and memory of United States Marine Corporal Larry L. Maxam, a posthumous recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Corporal Maxam died February 2, 1968, at Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. 
It pleased us when Mr. DePalo read some of the words that we and other classmates had composed in memory of our classmate and friend, Larry Maxam.  However, the moment of greatest drama came when Staff Sergeant Rosal, of the Second Battalion 23rd Marines stepped forward to read Corporal Maxam’s Medal of Honor citation, attributed to then President Richard M. Nixon
Mr. Mickey DePalo speaking before a crowd of 500 at the Burbank, California 2009 Memorial Day event - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As we listened in rapt attention, Larry Maxam’s spiritual brother-in-arms read the full text of the citation.  Sergeant Rosal’s voice did not falter as he described how Corporal Maxam singlehandedly protected his unit from enemy fire.  Attendees who did not already know the full story, learned that Corporal Maxam succumbed to his wounds on the battlefield.  As he departed the podium, Sergeant Rosal’s military bearing was in keeping with the respect and honor he bestowed upon his fellow Marine.  Only his eyes betrayed his emotions.
Staff Sergeant Rosal, of the Second Battalion 23rd Marines at the 2009 Memorial Day event honoring posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, Corporal Larry L. Maxam, of Burbank, California - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
In fitting honor of his service to the United States of America, the City of Burbank then rededicated old Pacific Park as the new Larry L. Maxam Memorial Park.  In Larry's honor, the City of Burbank included $25,000 in its 2009-2010 capital budget for installation of appropriate memorial signage and landscaping. 
We hope that Larry Maxam, the man and the soldier will live on in the memories of all who cherish freedom and love these United States.  If good planning and good fortune prevail, we hope to attend festivities associated with the park’s official opening on Veteran’s Day, 2009.
Preliminary signage and design for Larry L. Maxam Memorial Park, Burbank, California - Click for larger Image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
After recent publicity about the Larry Maxam story, two more of Larry's classmates at Burbank High School have stepped forward via Linda Mazur's BHS 66 Late Spring '09 Update.  Here are their thoughts about Larry Maxam.
Classmate Deanne Adams said, "I knew Larry Maxam very well.  In fact, he took it upon himself to be sure I was safe.  He went to the same church as I did and whenever we had a dance, he was close by to be sure the young men treated me kindly.  He was always kind to me and made me feel very special.  I felt badly that I was not more attentive to him, as a friend.  He was just a good person.  When I read about his heroic deeds during the Vietnam War, I was so proud of him.  He had a big heart and cared deeply about other people."
Photo of Corporal Larry L. Maxam, United States Marines (1948 - 1968) - Posthumous recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Classmate Eddie Morton added an air of mystery to the events surrounding Larry’s death, when he said, "I knew Larry had been killed in action because I had read about it in the Burbank Review back in '68.  It happened around Tet of '68.  About ten years ago, I was in Washington, D.C. and read in something at the Library of Congress that he (Larry Maxam) died at "Monkey Mountain", a little west of Da Nang.  I spent time in both places.  I'm glad he's getting the recognition he deserves."
Recently, we asked a former classmate Linda Mazur, “Is it a cliché to say that they just don't make heroes like Larry Maxam anymore?  Rather than encouraging our children to adulate the next comic book sensation, would we not be better served by honoring real people, both living and dead, who served our country and sacrificed on our behalf?”
  • Updated Comment - July 1, 2009 - By Eddie Morton, BHS Class of '66
    • I recently returned to the Viet Nam Memorial and rechecked the info on Larry Maxam. It said that he died at Cam Lo, which is west of Dong Ha and near the DMZ. I went back to the Library of Congress to try and locate whatever it was I read back in ’99, but could not find it. Whatever it was I read back then, it was wrong or I am remembering it wrong.
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Kevin Rutherford - Freightliner RV
WindSong - Ericson 35 Sailboat
Moab Pile - The Mill Tailings Train
Moab Pile - Here Comes the Flood
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - The Race
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - The Start
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - Pre-Race
Moab, Utah - Winter Snowstorms
Happy New Decade - 2011
Save Ken's Lake, Moab, Utah 2010
UPS Air - Moab, Utah Style
Crescent Junction & Brendel, Utah
Green River to Floy, Utah - Video
Moab Ranch - The Movie & Webcam
An Oregon Cascades Range Sunset
The Port at Port Orford, Oregon
Simi Valley, CA Two Live Webcams
Two New MoabLive.com Webcams
Ave. of the Giants, Humboldt, CA
Port Orford, OR - Of Bears & Deer
Goodbye Arizona - We'll Miss You.
Port Orford, OR - Home For Sale
Sun, Moon and the Chakras of Gaia
2010 Super Bowl Advertising
Navajo National Monument Sunset
California Redwoods Elk Herd
A New Decade - The 2010's Begin
Moab - Could Floods Happen Here?
Spanish Valley, UT - Wine & Water
24 Hours of Moab Race - 2009
CA - Rainforest or Dustbowl?
Edward Abbey House, Moab, UT
Kayenta, AZ to Blanding, Utah
U.S. Highway 89 N. to Navajoland
Quartzsite - Black Canyon City, AZ
Simi Valley, CA to Quartzsite, AZ
Phoenix, Moab, The Grand Canyon
Colorado River - A New Challenge
Moab, Utah - The Shafer Trail
2009 - Moab Live Webcam Update
Moab, Utah - Potash Road, Part 2
Moab, Utah - Potash Road, Part 1
SITLA Deal Threatens Uintah Basin
Wildfire Near La Sal Mountains, UT
Moab Ranch - Plasma Flow Event
Mill Creek Canyon Hike - Part Two
Mill Creek Canyon Hike - Part One
Memorial Day 2009, Burbank, CA
A Happy Ending for the Moab Pile?
The Old Spanish Trail - New Again
Mesquite, Nevada - Boom or Bust
Larry L. Maxam - An American Hero
Winter Camping in the Desert 2009
Theory of Everything - Part Four
Theory of Everything - Part Three
Theory of Everything - Part Two
Theory of Everything - Part One
Canyonlands Field, Moab, Utah
Access New Energy Now - 2008
The Four Corners States - Part 5
The Four Corners States - Part 4
The Four Corners States - Part 3
The Four Corners States - Part 2
The Four Corners States - Part 1
Moab Wine - Streaming Webcam
Elton John T-shirt, Now Available
Arches National Park Threatened
BC Buckaroos Are Heading South
San Francisco, A New Energy City?
Seven Mile Canyon, Craig Childs
Matheson Wetlands Fire, Moab, UT
24-Hours of Moab Bike Race Finish
24-Hours at Moab Bike Race, Start
It is Time to Follow Your Passion
New York - The New Atlantis
Translate to Any Language Now
Marina del Rey, Summer Weekend
Seattle Shines in the Summertime
Oregon Battles With Itself - 2008
The Motor Yacht, Princess Mariana
Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park
The Mojave National Preserve, CA
Navajo National Monument, AZ
La Sal Mountains Loop Road, UT
Meet Krista and Mrs. Tipperwillow
The Moab Rim, Above and Below
Colorado Riverway Recreation, UT
Hovenweep - Twin Towers Standing
Aztec, New Mexico - Ancient Ruins
Kin Klizhin Ruin at Chaco Canyon
The Spirit of Pueblo Bonito, NM
Chaco Canyon, NM Sand and Rain
Homolovi Ruins State Park, AZ
ATM Bank Robbery Made Easy
Outstanding World Citizens, Fiji
Planning an Archetype Party
Sir Elton John - The Lost Concert
Start Writing Your Own Blog
My Unification Theory - 2008
Frito-Lay Beach-Trash Explosion
The Great Attractor, Revealed
Vibrational Thought & String Theory
The Long Run - Eagles Tribute Band
2006 Midterm Elections, Revisited
The Lost Mural of Denis O'Connor
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 -Part 10
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 9
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 8
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 7
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 6
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 5
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 4
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 3
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 2
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 1
MedIT Search Website, New eBook
Save Natewa Bay, Fiji Islands
The Fiji Islands - Paradise Lost?
Face on Mars - Is it John Carter?
How Water Helped Make The West
Yahoo! - Fighting Its Last Battle?
Helium Gas, Neither Earth nor Mars
Megatrend vs. Meganiche - 2007
German Hydrogen Bomb Ready
Passing The $100,000 Bill
Google Wins - Microsoft Withdraws
A.Word.A.Day, You Ought to Know
San Fernando Valley Winemaking
WindSong - The Book - Updated
Divine Inspiration, Or Nearly So
Going Down to the Depot
Japanese Win The "Space Race"
2007 eCommerce - Made Easy
Discovering The Great Reflector
Navajo National Monument, Arizona
Moab, Utah Memories - 2007
Fall Color, Silverton, Colorado
Autumn Equinox in the Rockies
Hasta la Vista, Taos, New Mexico
Megatrends 2010 - The Book
The Quantum Leap, New Mexico
Chaco Canyon Memories 2007
Flame-Out in Phoenix, Arizona
Annals of Homeland Security '07
Quartzsite, AZ - RV Camping
WindSong eBook - Now Ready
The Quantum Leap Celebration
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