Chapter #115: Larry L. Maxam - An American Hero - April 14, 2009

US Marine Corporal Larry L. Maxam, honored posthumously with the Congressional Medal of Honor - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

Larry L. Maxam - Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient

Recently, in my home town of Burbank, California, the city council voted unanimously to re-name Pacific Park in honor and memory of United States Marine Corporal Larry L. Maxam, a posthumous recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  Corporal Maxam died February 2, 1968, at Cam Lo District, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam. 
The Burbank Veterans Commemorative Committee will dedicate the park in memory of Larry L. Maxam on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2009.  Larry Maxam attended Emerson Elementary, John Muir Junior High (now Middle School) and Burbank High School.
John Muir Junior High, Burbank, CA - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Burbank, California 1963 – John Muir Junior High
In the ninth grade at John Muir, boys took Metal Shop.  Inside, the shop class was like a Gulag factory, with dark, grease-stained windows.  There were many obscure and dangerous machines placed around the room.  In the middle of the shop, there was a gas-fired forge, roaring away at an unsafe temperature.  At one end of the shop, there were long, shared workbenches, where we “slaves to the state” fashioned metalwork of Old Main Entrance - Burbank High School - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)questionable quality and value.
Our major project for the semester was to saw, forge, grind and buff a metal chisel out of steel bar stock.  Wearing heavy gloves, we held the red-hot metal with huge tongs.  Then we hammered the glowing bar against an anvil until an unknown alchemy was supposed to change it from a slug into metal-art.  As they say in the commercials, “Don’t try this at home”.  With my fear of the forge showing through, my chisel looked like a misshapen metal lollipop.
Sitting next to me at my workbench that year was Larry Maxam.  Larry was a handsome young man, with sweptback, dark hair and a movie star face that Larry Maxam - Burbank High School Year Book Photo, 1965 - Click for larger picture (http://jamesmcgillis.com)was mature beyond his years.  Soon after Mr. Bins, our shop teacher, had told me I was heading for a failing grade, Larry handed me his perfectly formed chisel.  He had ground, beveled and polished it into an object of metallic perfection.
“I already got an ‘A’ on this one”, he said to me with a smile.  “Go ahead.  You can use it”.  While my eyes widened in astonishment, I realized that Larry was the angel I had been hoping for.  I too received an 'A' grade for Larry’s chisel.  At the end of the semester, I was not sure if the chisel was a gift, or if Larry had only lent it to me.  Secretly, I kept it as a souvenir.  Almost twenty years later, I misused the chisel and damaged it beyond repair.  Angry with myself for again dishonoring Larry’s gift, I tossed it away.
Larry Maxam, standing, facing camera - Click for larger image, courtesy of wesclark.com/burbank/maxam.htmlI remember encountering Larry only once during our time together at Burbank High.  As we passed each other, Larry’s unassuming aura of self-confidence almost bowled me over.  My complicity in the "chisel incident" and the fact that I had secretly kept it made me shy.  After he had passed by without seeing me, I blurted out his name.  Larry stopped on the landing of the Main Stairway.  Frozen in the north light from the window above, he turned, looked up at me, then smiled and nodded.  After that, I lost track of Larry Maxam, until two years ago, when I discovered his fate.
Burial Marker for Larry L. Maxam - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As soon as he was eighteen, Larry dropped out of Burbank High and joined the Marines.  At age nineteen, Larry saw military action in Viet Nam.  During one major battle, North Vietnamese Army regulars threatened to overrun the position of Larry’s unit.  Despite taking several direct hits from enemy fire, Larry continued to maintain his position and fire a machine gun until reinforcements arrived.  One week after his twentieth birthday, Larry Maxam died on the battlefield. 
Larry L. Maxam Congressional Medal of Honor - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Larry Maxam became the only alumnus of a Burbank public school to receive the Congressional Medal of Honor, as awarded posthumously by then President Richard M. Nixon.
Larry Maxam will always be my friend and my hero.
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Chapter #113: Theory of Everything - Part Four - March 20, 2009

Dave Brubeck's Chromatic Sun Sonata Album Cover - Click for alternative image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

Seeing is Believing - Basic Geometric Shapes Occur in Nature 

Like the double helix of our DNA, light and new energy arrive on Earth bound together in inscrutable mystery.  In order to solve this mystery, our intuition tells us to review all aspects of light energy.  This morning, we sat on the back lawn, looking closely at a dewdrop shining on a blade of grass.  When we focused through one eye, we saw a microscopic reflection of the Sun.  The chromatic image of the rising Sun reminded us that new energy potentials often appear as anomalies on naturally occurring hyperphysical surfaces.  Allowing the lens of your camera to capture a single a ray of direct sunlight will provide a 2DTwin taillights become a 7-light hypersphere array when you click for alternative image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) representation of the Sun's 3D chromosphere.  If our viewing lens induces both chromatic and spherical aberrations, the visual result will be a holographic, or 4D chromatic hypersphere
Our astigmatic vision derives from corneal or internal lens shape irregularities, or both.  With both eyes open, we can detect seven to nine different points of focus.  To verify our multi-point vision, we entered a dark room, lit by a single LED light.  Closing one eye, and then the other, while focusing on the LED light, we made mental note of focal points available to each eye.  Focusing with both eyes, we could see their combined and overlapping focal points.  Typically, we wear eyeglasses, which negate the described holographic effects.
"Lighted Pylon" is an exploding pyramidal effect - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
While stopped in traffic one rainy afternoon, we removed our eyeglasses and observed automobile taillights on LA’s 405 Freeway.  Whether for redundancy or style, many autos have twin taillights displayed at each rear corner.  Viewing one pair of lights created for us a stack of lights in a two-three-two array.  Using our uncorrected vision, two lights manifested as a seven-light crystal array.
Occasionally, we drive at night without glasses.  Then, the lane-marking reflectors look as if sliced by a meat slicer, with each slice loosely stacked upon another.  At their apparent full height, each reflector looks like a lighted pylon.  As we approach, each reflector retracts down to its expected terrestrial size.  While night driving on a road with well-maintained reflectors, it appears that we are steering between a pair of 3D reflector-fences.Stacked slats create a horizontal shutter effect - Click for holographic image of a teapot, hidden within the graphic (http://jamesmcgillis.com)
This afternoon, we shed our eyeglasses, sat on our yoga mat and faced a mirror.  Taking our own advice, we offered love and appreciation to All that Is.  As if performing a prayer, we closed our fingertips before us, then raised them overhead.  A window was to our back, its half-closed shutters allowing light in from outside.  We gazed into the mirror image of our self, the shutters and the window.  Light, reflected through the half-closed shutters, came to us masked into horizontal strips.  As we starred at the light pouring around our upraised extremities, we perceived it as a display of diffuse, triangular lights.  Their effect was reminiscent of the taillight arrays previously described.
Celestial Einstein-Lens proves "negatively curved space" theory. - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As our eyesight translated the image, a three dimensional moiré effect appeared where the horizontal shutters and our angled limbs crossed paths.  By moving our fingertips up or down, we could merge or separate these stacked dimensions of light.  Part of our 4D light-array existed here and part of it penetrated the veils of illusion, extending into another dimension.  Lewis Carol’s “Through the Looking Glass” and our own theory of energy bridges came to mind.  In the spirit of Thoreau’s Other, the image existed somewhere between here and there.
Much like the All Seeing Eye on the reverse side of the dollar bill, our "pyramidal limbs" had intersected the Akashic plane.  Between the slats, we could see an energetic aura emanating from the top of our head.  Although our physical hair is mid-length, our aura-hair more than filled the gaps between the slats, creating a glowing array of amorphous light.  In our mind's eye, we saw how the All Seeing Eye bridges universal energy, in what Albert Einstein called negatively curved space.
Einstein-Lens, over Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA shows, "As it is above, so it is below." - Click for close-up image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
In her classic book, “Kundalini and The Chakras”, author Genevieve Lewis Paulson relates a similar phenomenon, known as Kundalini energy release.  To quote, she says, “the red-orange Kundalini energy rises up through the body and out the crown chakra.  It mixes above the head with divine energy (radiant white or silver) and the mixture showers over the body in a luminous glow or silver sheen.”  The glow of new energy emanating from the top of our head contained shades of gray, green and silver.
To access new energy, we sit with eyes closed, facing the morning Sun.  By moving our face like a satellite dish, we can tune our reception of the Sun’s energy.  For a time, we allow the Sun’s energy to penetrate our closed eyelids.  If we limit our heliotherapy sessions to less than three minutes, we avoid the risk of sunburn. 
As we gaze through closed eyes, we can see new energy patterns form and evolve on the inside of our eyelids.  After a minute or two, we slowly open our eyes, allowing in more of the Sun’s energy.  As we thin the veil that is our eyelids, we allow in higher levels of vibrational energy
Please remember that the Sun has powerful effects.  Therefore, we do not recommend looking at the Sun with eyelids open.  Most adherents to sun gazing look directly at the Sun only near sundown, when the atmosphere filters ultraviolet light. 
Sundown in the West creates green flash of new energy - Click for alternate, larger image of similar phenomenon at Kodachrome State Park, Utah (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
On Earth, the Sun is our most important Source of new energy.  Since the Sun and we are elements of All that Is, we share divine consciousness.  As Earth’s provider of light and life, the Sun is a good place to look for indicators of new energy.
Each time that we commune with Nature, we connect with divine energy.  On the New Earth, divine energy flows simultaneously in all directions.  Through conscious invitation, Source is always with us.  Using Thoreau’s concept of self and Other, our connectedness and our consciousness merge.  As we tune ourselves to universal consciousness, we create an ongoing exchange of love.  When we share our Love with All that Is, we experience our divine presence.  With that as our point of attraction, our long-held beliefs in shortage, fear and danger slip away. 
A fascinating aspect of new energy is that each of us experiences it in different ways.  Even for a single individual, new energy will manifest differently on different occasions.  If we rehash our old-energy story and beliefs, we lose access to new energy.  If we enter a state of belief or allowing, new energy becomes available to us.  Although we can prove none of this, our intuition and experience provide sufficient reason to believe.
Mother Nature (upper left, with eyes closed) and Yahweh (upper right, with eyes closed) provide eternal shelter for petroglyphic energy beings (bottom), at Sego Canyon, Southeastern Utah - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As children, we pray to God for signs of recognition or favor, but rarely do those requests manifest.  Even now, miracles are rare.  Personal alchemy and sacred geometry combine to support and describe that which we see as miraculous.  To learn more, you may refer to the Hart Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck website.
The deck has pictorial and written descriptions of the Platonic Solids, which are the among the basic shapes of nature and sacred geometry. Included are sacred geometric shapes in nature as diverse as a double helix of human DNA and a nautilus shell.  Each card offers an energy bridge to higher consciousness.  Through these cards, we can connect to Nature and therefore the universe.  By allowing two-dimensional picture cards to represent a universe that supports multiple dimensions, we diminish our collective amnesia about the human tragedy associated with the fall of Atlantis
Whether through sacred geometry or our alchemical experiments, we thin our veils of perception.  Using backward beam tracing of light and water interactions, we shall visit our cometary Rosetta Stone, from which we will learn how to translate new energy.  Personal alchemical experimentation with light and water will lead each of us to the discovery of our own passion.  Once we know our passion, we free ourselves to manifest our most cherished dreams.
The Merkaba - 3D intersecting pyramids - Sacred Geometry symbol of healing and safe-space - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Shortage mentality and “market pricing” characterize old-energy.  Unless shared freely with All that Is, new energy has no inherent value.  It cannot be sequestered, stored, rationed or sold.  However, if we neglect our personal connection with Source, our disconnection acts to filter out any and all new energy potentials.  In short, we pinch off our ability to experience the presence of new energy.  As with this article, when anyone feels like they have broken through the 3D veil, it behooves us to share such information with All that Is.
All indicators tell us that universal consciousness is possible.  If such a concept is not impossible, by definition it then is possible.  Once, we viewed dolphins leaping across pools of new energy along the coast, near Malibu, California.  Another day we observed the crystalline rainbow energy of light reflected in a drop of water.  Each day, if we choose, new energy manifests as love within us.  That love is for our self, the Other and to All that Is.From Infrared to ultraviolet - Chromatographic Rainbow image of Heart Energy - Click for alternative image of All that Is. (http://jamesmcgillis.com)
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
This is Part 4 of the Theory of Everything. Return to Part 1 or Part 3 of this four-part story.
In Love, light and Life.


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Chapter #112: Theory of Everything - Part Three - March 13, 2009

Saturn, shown as an Energy Bridge (Moon transit and ring, seen edge-on) - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

In Nature, Our Dreams Become Reality

In our dreams, whether sleeping or awake, we churn our past lives and visualize our future, including the myriad outcomes available to us.  Each night, we travel beyond, confront our demons or take actions in pursuit of our desires.  As a service to All that Is, our dreams become training classes for non-physical beings who will soon come to Earth for the first time.  As our dream-bridges connect us to new energy, we envision ourselves living a beautiful life on a New Earth
Recently, these words came to us: “You are God also.  Love yourself.  Offer your love to All that Is.  You are of the God you seek, so rejoice in your knowing.”  On Earth, few humans recognize their own divinity.  Most would say that, “God is up in heaven, looking down”, “God is dead”, or “God is everywhere”, meaning everywhere but inside our souls. 
Crescent Moon and Crescent Venus setting, before morning. - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
If indeed, God is love, would God withhold love from All that Is?  If God is love, and we are God too, then we are love.  As more humans come to see God in their souls, love abounds. 
Ironically, many humans scorn the potential for love to overcome hate and fear.  Employing shortage theory, they see love as a rare commodity, with not enough to go around.  After all, when did each of us last feel loved?  Many cannot remember such a time and therefore cannot allow that we are the embodiment of love.  During the late twentieth century, irony, skepticism and cynicism ruled both popular culture and rational discourse.  With those days behind us, we can unashamedly offer our love to both ourselves and to All that Is.
"The Other" - Part of our self or outside of our self? - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Gnost, or “knowing” derives from Source and expresses itself in the metaphysical plane that we call intuition.  As our lifetimes pass, we remember more of who we are and why we came to Earth.  We recognize patterns that played out in other dimensions, in what some call “past lives”.  Since the time is always Now, we recognize that past lives are the alternate outcomes of our dreams, residing in other dimensions. 
In his writings, Henry David Thoreau created the “Other”, a term that he used to identify a physical or imagined companion.  Was Thoreau’s Other his brother, and thus external to him, or was the Other a forgotten part of Thoreau, himself?  By sharing our self with the Other, we merge divinities, here on Earth and across the universe.  When love is our dominant emotion, our relationship with self and the Other experiences a rapid evolution.  Our love for the Other may evolve to a love for All that Is. 
We Now remember when we first met the Other in our life.  For us, the Other is a beautiful woman, external to our self.  Our first meeting transpired in Ancient Egypt.  In previous clairvoyant episodes, we had stood alone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Now, our mind’s eye sees us standing at that place with the Other, our arms linked from behind.
The All-seeing Eye, shown on the reverse of the one dollar bill. - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
The top of the Great Pyramid is where the Eye of Horus bridges energy from Earth to the universe and back again.  If you look at the reverse side of a U.S. dollar bill, you will see a crudely realistic view of Horus's left eye, staring back at you.  On the dollar, we see the Free Mason version, known as the All Seeing Eye looking at us through a cosmic hole in the paper bill. 
Two-dimensional printing cannot convey how the Eye connects earthly energy to All that Is.  In our dreams or via clairvoyance, we who stand atop The Great Pyramid connect to the universe through the Eye of Horus.  In so doing, we are blessed with universal consciousness
Close-up of All-seeing Eye. - Click for alternate image (http://jamesmcgillis.com 
Remembering more clues about our self and the Other, the historical characters, Antony and Cleopatra came to mind.  Had we once intertwined energies with that storied couple?  Although Antony and Cleopatra lived in the First Century BCE, some of The Masters’ ethereal energy then still prevailed across the land.  As the world’s first “power couple”, Antony and Cleopatra played out their human lives as lovers, warriors and sovereigns over both Rome and Egypt. 
As our consciousness drifted further back into the time of Ancient Egypt, we felt a familiar connection to Osiris and Isis.  Osiris walked the Earth as a man-god.  Isis was an archetype woman-goddess.  According to legend, supported by carvings found on temple walls, Isis and Osiris held coequal status as deities, manifested here on Earth.  Their gift to humanity was co-creation of “husband and wife”.  Devoted to themselves, each Other and to All that Is, they showed humans how to connect with their own divinity. 
Merging of the Self and the Other. - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
In their time, the Ancient Egyptians loved and worshiped Isis and Osiris as Masters of advanced consciousness.  As former Atlanteans, the couple knew not to struggle for power.  Rather than holding power over their subjects, they taught by example, expressing universal love from their hearts.  The populous recognized that their sovereigns’ wisdom was divinely inspired.  Isis and Osiris discovered that by blending their energies, they could co-create states of consciousness transcending that which either of them experienced separately.
Our birth erased memories of who we are, giving us the illusion that our human minds began as clean slates.  During life on Earth, we receive reminders about the Nature of love.  Our hearts ache with a desire to share our love.  Those who learn to love themselves and to offer love outwardly will find love reflected back to them.  Those who eschew self-love will not find love with the Other, nor will they feel the reflected love of All that Is. 
Double energy torus.  Click to see larger image of Earth and Moon double energy torus (http://jamesmcgillis.com 
During our spiritual quest, our life path takes many twists and turns.  As if living in a labyrinth, we see a discernible path, but destinations seem dreamlike or obscured.  Since many believe that “the unknown” is synonymous with fear and terror, it remains for the lovers among us to create love for others, both to observe and feel.  As our consciousness rises, through love we experience and share the best that life has to offer. 
In a recent Esther HicksAbraham CD, they tell a story about a woman who lived an unpleasant and unfulfilled life.  After many years, she reconnected with her emotions, transcended her negative mindset and discovered what Abraham calls her “vibrational escrow”.  Like a treasure hidden in an ancient pyramid, she found the better feelings that she had long ago set aside.  “I’m in.  I got in”, she cheered.  We too are Now “in” on the manifestation of all that we wish for in this life.
Belief is the flip-side of disbelief.  If you find yourself in a state of belief, take note of any trends that you may encounter.  As new thoughts arise on any given subject, we use our intuition to project ourselves into our potential futures.  If we believe that we are uniquely gifted, our intuitional gifts shall grow. 
Sacred Geometry Oracle Card - Himalayan Journey - We believe in our dreams Click for larger, alternate view of Nature. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Only ignorance of our spiritual nature prevents us from accessing our gifts.  As Thoreau told us, in Nature, that which we seek waits just outside our door.  One need not enter a trance to access higher consciousness.  All that we need do is be in Nature, asking our questions with an air of hopeful expectation.  Then, as our minds become still, our destiny shall find us. 
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
This is Part 3 of the Theory of Everything. Return to Part 2 or go forward to Part 4 of this four-part story.
In Love, light and Life.

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Chapter #111: Theory of Everything - Part Two - March 11, 2009

The Merkaba - Sacred Geometry - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

Ascension Made Easy - We Are Already Gone

In winter, the Southern California Sun shines warm across the land and sea.  Until the next rain, each sunny day seems more beautiful than the previous.  When the Sun is out, our backyard becomes a garden paradise, where we find the keys to fulfillment of our dreams. 
Directing one’s own ascension is a simple process.  If you are unfamiliar with the tenets of new energy, the Crimson Circle Channel Library is a good place to start.  Click on the current series to find Geoffrey Hoppe’s latest channelings of Adamus Saint-Germain.
Another Source of new energy information is Esther Hicks, channeling a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.  The Teachings of Abraham website is free to all. 
The Daily Motivator”, from Ralph Marston, links to a multimedia slideshow that is focused on new energy.  Six days each week, Ralph publishes a short story of hope and inspiration. A full year's subscription is still only fifteen dollars. 
Hubble Telescope image of ascended beings, melding energy bodies - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Eckhart Tolle’s classic, “The Power of Now” is a compelling read.  After completing that book, read Tolle’s “A New Earth”.  Although Tolle is human, he writes in The Masters’ voice. 
While reading or listening to the voices of Abraham, Marston, Tobias or Tolle, we access an evolving new consciousness.  Is it time for new energy to resonate within each of us? 
As human beings, we are artistic in Nature.  As we reach out with our dreams, do they manifest as expected?  That is a trick question, for the answer is always, “Yes”.  If we expect the worst, that is what we will get.  If we halfheartedly believe in our dreams, our hearts create a netherworld, without love or fulfillment.  In that sense, we are the creators of our own destinies. 
Gaia - The living body of Earth - Click for larger imageThe artist’s role is to allow the artistic self to flourish in this life.  If we stifle human feelings and desires, our Jungian “Shadow Self” will step forward as the artist.  Law of Attraction tells us that what we think about most, consciously or not, shall manifest.  Not unlike an Ancient Greek carving that shows a snake swallowing its own tail, the protests of an “anti-artist” human become, intrinsically, artistic expression.
As children in the 1950s, we heard news that Watson & Crick had parsed out human DNA.  Suddenly, everyone was talking about genes.  As our inner child grew up, we assumed that human DNA was immutableCharles Darwin's theory of evolution reinforced what geneticists told us.  At conception, they said, chance ruled the recombination of our parental DNA.  Except for the effects of mutagens, such as radioactivity, scientists said that we would live and die with our selfsame personal genome.
Also in the 1950s, scientists told us that the average human utilizes only ten percent of his or her brain.  That pessimistic assessment embarrassed us into thinking that we suffered from deficient minds.  Since we manifest what we think about most, humanity’s acceptance of diminished mental capacity created for us a spiritual glass ceiling.  We started at ten percent brain-function and we expected to die at that same paltry level.
Since it takes only three percent of our DNA to constitute a functioning human body, scientists once considered ninety-seven percent of our DNA to be "junk".  Intuitively, it makes no sense that human DNA should waste so much of our genetic makeup.  With Her penchant for economical modeling of life forms, Nature would not carry a load that is 97% junk.  Still, most humans believe that DNA transmutation is as unlikely as increasing our brainpower.
Human DNA Helix - The long and winding road. - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Whether or not we choose our parents at conception, we arrived in our current time-space reality with a limited component of expressed DNA.  Group consciousness, which we refer to as “They”, told us that fertilization of the human egg had locked in our DNA before birth.  “They”, however, were ignorant of new energy potentials.  As we raise human consciousness, each of us may express our DNA as desired. 
As you read this passage, stop for a moment and gently clasp your hands over your head; then stretch your arms back to the limits of your comfort range.  Did something inside you feel good?  That indescribable feeling coincides with DNA activation, and a sympathetic release of new energy. 
Now, take a several deep breaths.  What, if anything, did you feel this time?  Was your incremental release of new energy higher or lower during the second exercise?  If your energy level rose, that demonstrates the optimism with which you face the future.  If your energy diminished, or if you stubbornly refused to breathe, you may still have room to improve your outlook on life. 
The Stone Family, stuck on their path to ascension in Bryce Canyon, Utah - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
Our desire is to allow a lifting of our  personal energy state.  Each day, we start wherever our point of attraction may be, then quest upward towards optimism, bliss and eternal happiness.  When we are optimistic, the artistic or Shadow Self shall flourish.  If we allow optimism, we realize that better-feeling thoughts are always available to us.  With a little practice, we begin to create patterns in our lives that lead us toward our dreams. 
One way to bring about change is by offering gratitude to All that Is.  As our emotions well up, and then effervesce, we open an energy bridge to the universe.  Since our effervescent agent is oxygen, conscious breathing provides fuel for our ascension process.  To access new energy, all that we need do is gently stretch our muscles, sit quietly and then breathe.  As we “still our minds”, our hearts become free to create in unending love for All that Is.  In accordance with the Law of Attraction, the universe reflects the love of All that Is back to us.
Whether taking a deep breath or stretching one’s muscles, there are several reasons that we feel our well-being.  Rhythmic breathing, combined with stretching allows our DNA to express itself within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Our vortex of expressed DNA then opens a portal to higher consciousness
The Quantum Leap Celebration, Taos, New Mexico, September 2007 - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com) 
As we surrender, we allow our DNA to express itself towards our fate or destiny.  Law of Attraction says that our dominant energy state, conscious or not, becomes our point of attraction.  By allowing our DNA to change “at will”, we evolve in support of our most prevalent thoughts.  Once a thought is “thought upon”, it becomes part of the universal library of thought.  The artist’s role is to venture beyond current consciousness, discovering the magic of the "now moment".  When the artist shares that moment, the cycle is complete. 
If the number of artists seeking change is equal to, or greater than the square root of one percent of a total population, consciousness will move towards that new mode of thought.  Enlightened thoughts carry with them a higher level of vibrational energy than do “negative thoughts”.  Because of their vibrational signature, only positive or enlightened thoughts express themselves as new energy. 
As more humans accept the concept of new energy, desire for positive change leads to ever-faster manifestation.  In September 2007, an energy shift created a Quantum Leap of energy on Earth.  A small number of likeminded and optimistic individuals had requested that positive change.  In so doing, their individual and collective energy created a potential for change.  Since all humans are coequal co-creators on Earth, it was appropriate for that small group to lead humanity toward new energy and a New Earth. 
Book Cover, Kundalini and The Chakras - Click for larger image. (http://jamesmcgillis.com)Watson and Crick gave us the language of DNA, with its tri-nucleotide codons, designated by the letters AGCT.  In so doing, they helped open a new field of human research.  The past fifty years of genetic science coincided with a spiritual reawakening on Earth.  On many subjects, scientific experimentation and spiritual thought converged.  Self-activation of DNA became possible for the first time since the fall of Atlantis.  No longer were we restricted to our birth-complement of DNA.  Through conscious thought, we may now experience evolution in this lifetime.
As we saw with the 2007 Quantum Leap, even a miniscule sample of a given population can precipitate a population-wide shift in consciousness.  Belief in the transmutability of DNA has proceeded beyond the tipping-point, thus allowing a shift in human consciousness.  As “They” say, this free-DNA information will soon become common knowledge. 
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
This is Part 2 of the Theory of Everything. Return to Part 1 or go forward to Part 3 of this four-part story.

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Sarah Thomas - World Record Swim
A Family Visit to Kaua'i, Hawaii in 1988
2016 - Cow Springs, AZ Trading Post
Metrolink - Meager Track Maintenance
'16 Beverly Hills Concours d'Elegance
It's Time to Audit Metrolink Operations
Ventura County - Deadly Rail Collision
Ventura County, CA - Rail Safety 2016
Metrolink Ignores Mismatched Brakes
Agencies Ignore Rail Safety Issues
Nevada - Vote Now to Bring Back Solar
Ventura County Rail Deaths Scandal
"Google Pop Car" - Rail Safety Plan
BNSF Locomotives on Metrolink Trains
2015 - Time to Phase Out Lake Powell
Navajo Power Plant Heat Island Effect
Of Mudflats and Methane Volcanoes
Metrolink Anti-Derailment Blade Failure
Metrolink to Spend $338 Million
The Glenn Steele Memorial Overpass
5th & Rice - A Deadly Railroad Crossing
The One, the Only - Plush Kokopelli
Metrolink Train Crash, A Personal Story
Moab, Utah - Lions Club Park - Part 2
Moab, Utah - Lions Club Park - Part 1
Deadly Crude Oil Trains Coming Soon
Metrolink Oxnard Train Collision Report
2015 Rare California Rain Barrels Help
So. California Lakes Soon to Disappear
C.Proietto - Cattolica, Cafe Eden Roco
Hollywood: "Violence is the New Sex"
2014 Spanish Valley Vineyards
Durango & Silverton Railroad Story
Is it Too Late to Save Moab, Utah?
BLM & SITLA - URLEA Subterfuge
Moab Pile to be "Moab Pit" - 2029
Moab in Springtime - May 2014
Old Mesquite, NV - Gone For Good
I-15 North - Mojave Desert Tour
Grand Co. Plans to Desecrate Site
Moab - County Plans Fail the Test
2014 - Quantum Leap in ATM Theft
Moab Kiley - Peaceful BLM Protest
Stop The BLM-SITLA Land Swap
Utah Recreational Land Exchange
Burro Cranes - A Complete History
Moab Burro at Seven Mile Canyon
Brightsource Solar's Flawed Design
Trend - Horsepower Mitigation Fees
Moab Rim Campark Sold in 2014
Durango, CO - Engine #478 - 1965
Durango, CO - Engine #476 - 1965
Red Lake Trading Post, Tonalea, AZ
Deconstruction at Cow Springs, AZ
Cow Springs, Navajo Art - 2013
Navajo/Hopi, New Energy Dilemma
Peabody Coal Stripmine Disappears
An Arizona River Dies in the Desert
Black Mesa Coal - Water & Power
2013 - The Great Western Drought
Homolovi State Park, AZ - No Ruins
C.Proietto Paints at Lago Maggiore
American Bison Herd Threatened
I-40, Twin Arrows - Both Old & New
Interstate I-40 E. Highway Robbery
Simi Valley Brush Fire - Air Power
I-40: Highway Tax Dollars At Work
Kristi Frazier - World Citizen Award
Sierra Nevada, CA - 2013 Drought
Desolation Canyon Wilderness Area
The Holbrook Basin Potash Project
Moab - Revisit Seven Mile Canyon
Moab - Greater Canyonlands N.M.
Thomas Kinkade - Yosemite Valley
C.Proietto Paints Lugano, Gandria
Paso Robles, CA - Wine Adventure
Colorado River Dine & Unwind Moab
Kodiak 100 --> Moab Charter Flight
The True Cost of Mineral Extraction
Moab Truck - 1950 Chevy 3100
Disappearance --> Reemergence
Edward Abbey - His Spirit Returns
Edward Abbey - Monkey Wrenching
Edward Abbey - Lake Powell 1965
Edward Abbey - Desert Solitaire 65
A New Message From AAMikael
C.Proietto Paints Bad Kreuznach
New Jersey - The New Atlantis?
Moab - A Rare Beech B-45 (T-34A)
Howell Mountain, CA - Winemaking
Oakville, CA - Robt. Mondavi Wines
Crescent Junction, UT - in 1955
Craig Childs - Apocalyptic Planet
Mammoth Lakes, CA - 1st. Snowfall
Mesquite, NV - A Disappearing Act
The Mystery of Hovenweep Road
Moab Airport - Canyonlands Field
Moab, UT - Save Ken's Lake Puddle
Jeeps & Downtown Abbey in Moab
Moab Valley vs. Spanish Valley, UT
Moab, Utah - Go Behind the Rocks
Moab Adventure Xstream Race '12
Face on Mars - Is it John Lennon?
C.Proietto - Paints The Dolomites
Moab Tower - The Wireless Story
Brendel, Utah - A History Mystery
C.Proietto - New Mystery Painting
Tsunami Risks Up in Crescent Bays
"Moab Native" Potash Comments
C.Proietto - And The Glory of Rome
L.A. to Australia, by 34-ft. Sailboat
Interstate I-70 East through Utah
Mesquite, NV - Opportunity Lost?
Las Vegas, NV "Drive-by" - I-15N
Ivanpah Valley, CA - Mega-Solar
Pearblossom Hwy. - Palmdale Road
C.Proietto - Venice Sunset, Sunrise
24-Hours of Moab 2012 to Happen
C.Proietto - A Portrait of the Artist
AOL & Yahoo Mail Getting Hacked
ATM Retail Technology - New & Old
C.Proietto - Solving An Art Mystery
Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA
Hollywood - To The Sign & Beyond
Hollywood - Legendary Paul Pink's
Kokopelli Credit Union - New ATM
#1 Google Ranking & How to Get It
C.Proietto - Two New Oil Paintings
LACoFD Truck 8 at Hollywood Bowl
I-405 Golden Crane Air Hazard
Beware: Hoax/Scam Phishing Sites
A Quantum Leap in Super PAC $$$
I-405 Mulholland Bridge Update
Moab Skydiving Video - May 2011
Tonopah Desert, AZ Thunderstorm
Anticline Overlook - Ancient Spirit
ATM Bank Robbery Now Easier Still
Ronald Reagan Presidential Library
Chaco Canyon - Kin Klizhin Sunset
Chaco Canyon - Kin Klizhin Ruin
Chaco Canyon, Spirit of Lizard Man
Chaco Canyon, NM - Campground
White Mesa, Utah - Uranium Mill
Hidden Costs in Biofuels Revealed
Arches National Park Threatened
Moab Rail - The U. P. Potash Local
Toxic Purple Dust Covers Moab, UT
U.S. Highway 191 in Moab, Utah
Kindle Fire Tablet vs. Nook Tablet
Ken's Lake 2011 Update, Moab, UT
24-Minutes of Moab Kids Bike Race
24-Hrs. of Moab, The Final Sunset?
24-Hours of Moab 2011 Race Start
24-Hrs. of Moab Race Live Webcam
The Long Run - Eagles Tribute Band
Petrified Forest, Going, Going, Gone
Nuclear Dust Storm Hits Moab, UT
Moab Rainbow - August 1, 2011
C.Proietto - The Man From Amalfi
I-405 UCLA Rampage - 11/22/66
Moab Rim RV Campark - 2011
C.Proietto Paints the Amalfi Coast
C.Proietto - Modern Impressionist
I-405 Mulholland Drive Bridge
Moab Pile - Countdown to Disaster
Wigwam Village - Holbrook, AZ
Kathy Hemenway - World Citizen
Desert View Mobil - Needles, CA
Mojave Desert Transit in May 2011
Colorado River Basin At Risk - Ch.4
Holbrook, AZ Water Crisis - Ch. 3
Holbrook Basin, AZ Potash - Ch. 2
Little Colorado River Basin - Ch. 1
Port Orford, Oregon - Tsunami
Hope for Atlantis - Chapter 4
Future of Atlantis - Chapter 3
The New Atlantis - Chapter 2
Atlantis, Myth or Fact? - Chapter 1
Kevin Rutherford - Freightliner RV
WindSong - Ericson 35 Sailboat
Moab Pile - The Mill Tailings Train
Moab Pile - Here Comes the Flood
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - The Race
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - The Start
24-Hours of Moab 2010 - Pre-Race
Moab, Utah - Winter Snowstorms
Happy New Decade - 2011
Save Ken's Lake, Moab, Utah 2010
UPS Air - Moab, Utah Style
Crescent Junction & Brendel, Utah
Green River to Floy, Utah - Video
Moab Ranch - The Movie & Webcam
An Oregon Cascades Range Sunset
The Port at Port Orford, Oregon
Simi Valley, CA Two Live Webcams
Two New MoabLive.com Webcams
Ave. of the Giants, Humboldt, CA
Port Orford, OR - Of Bears & Deer
Goodbye Arizona - We'll Miss You.
Port Orford, OR - Home For Sale
Sun, Moon and the Chakras of Gaia
2010 Super Bowl Advertising
Navajo National Monument Sunset
California Redwoods Elk Herd
A New Decade - The 2010's Begin
Moab - Could Floods Happen Here?
Spanish Valley, UT - Wine & Water
24 Hours of Moab Race - 2009
CA - Rainforest or Dustbowl?
Edward Abbey House, Moab, UT
Kayenta, AZ to Blanding, Utah
U.S. Highway 89 N. to Navajoland
Quartzsite - Black Canyon City, AZ
Simi Valley, CA to Quartzsite, AZ
Phoenix, Moab, The Grand Canyon
Colorado River - A New Challenge
Moab, Utah - The Shafer Trail
2009 - Moab Live Webcam Update
Moab, Utah - Potash Road, Part 2
Moab, Utah - Potash Road, Part 1
SITLA Deal Threatens Uintah Basin
Wildfire Near La Sal Mountains, UT
Moab Ranch - Plasma Flow Event
Mill Creek Canyon Hike - Part Two
Mill Creek Canyon Hike - Part One
Memorial Day 2009, Burbank, CA
A Happy Ending for the Moab Pile?
The Old Spanish Trail - New Again
Mesquite, Nevada - Boom or Bust
Larry L. Maxam - An American Hero
Winter Camping in the Desert 2009
Theory of Everything - Part Four
Theory of Everything - Part Three
Theory of Everything - Part Two
Theory of Everything - Part One
Canyonlands Field, Moab, Utah
Access New Energy Now - 2008
The Four Corners States - Part 5
The Four Corners States - Part 4
The Four Corners States - Part 3
The Four Corners States - Part 2
The Four Corners States - Part 1
Moab Wine - Streaming Webcam
Elton John T-shirt, Now Available
Arches National Park Threatened
BC Buckaroos Are Heading South
San Francisco, A New Energy City?
Seven Mile Canyon, Craig Childs
Matheson Wetlands Fire, Moab, UT
24-Hours of Moab Bike Race Finish
24-Hours at Moab Bike Race, Start
It is Time to Follow Your Passion
New York - The New Atlantis
Translate to Any Language Now
Marina del Rey, Summer Weekend
Seattle Shines in the Summertime
Oregon Battles With Itself - 2008
The Motor Yacht, Princess Mariana
Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park
The Mojave National Preserve, CA
Navajo National Monument, AZ
La Sal Mountains Loop Road, UT
Meet Krista and Mrs. Tipperwillow
The Moab Rim, Above and Below
Colorado Riverway Recreation, UT
Hovenweep - Twin Towers Standing
Aztec, New Mexico - Ancient Ruins
Kin Klizhin Ruin at Chaco Canyon
The Spirit of Pueblo Bonito, NM
Chaco Canyon, NM Sand and Rain
Homolovi Ruins State Park, AZ
ATM Bank Robbery Made Easy
Outstanding World Citizens, Fiji
Planning an Archetype Party
Sir Elton John - The Lost Concert
Start Writing Your Own Blog
My Unification Theory - 2008
Frito-Lay Beach-Trash Explosion
The Great Attractor, Revealed
Vibrational Thought & String Theory
The Long Run - Eagles Tribute Band
2006 Midterm Elections, Revisited
The Lost Mural of Denis O'Connor
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 -Part 10
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 9
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 8
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 7
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 6
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 5
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 4
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 3
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 2
Fiji Islands Paradise 2001 - Part 1
MedIT Search Website, New eBook
Save Natewa Bay, Fiji Islands
The Fiji Islands - Paradise Lost?
Face on Mars - Is it John Carter?
How Water Helped Make The West
Yahoo! - Fighting Its Last Battle?
Helium Gas, Neither Earth nor Mars
Megatrend vs. Meganiche - 2007
German Hydrogen Bomb Ready
Passing The $100,000 Bill
Google Wins - Microsoft Withdraws
A.Word.A.Day, You Ought to Know
San Fernando Valley Winemaking
WindSong - The Book - Updated
Divine Inspiration, Or Nearly So
Going Down to the Depot
Japanese Win The "Space Race"
2007 eCommerce - Made Easy
Discovering The Great Reflector
Navajo National Monument, Arizona
Moab, Utah Memories - 2007
Fall Color, Silverton, Colorado
Autumn Equinox in the Rockies
Hasta la Vista, Taos, New Mexico
Megatrends 2010 - The Book
The Quantum Leap, New Mexico
Chaco Canyon Memories 2007
Flame-Out in Phoenix, Arizona
Annals of Homeland Security '07
Quartzsite, AZ - RV Camping
WindSong eBook - Now Ready
The Quantum Leap Celebration
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