Chapter #168: Atlantis, Myth or Fact? - Chapter 1 - March 3, 2011

Daylight on the Atlantic Ocean and night time in most of Europe - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)

The Story of Atlantis - Myth or Fact?

Chapter One

What do the Lost City of Atlantis, the Space Shuttle Atlantis and New Orleans, Louisiana have in common?” In this series of four articles, we shall discover how each of their stories intertwines with our own.

Soon to be retired from service, the Space Shuttle Atlantis completed its penultimate mission to the International Space Station (ISS) in May 2010. During that mission, Atlantis delivered a nine-ton Russian habitation module. That new section added cooling capacity and expanded living space within the existing Russian module.  

In July 2010, an ammonia-coolant pump attached to the outside of the ISS failed. The loss of that pump cut cooling capacity inside the U.S. module by half. If necessary, the improved Russian module could have provided life-sustaining shelter for the crew. In order to escape that fate, the crew powered-down all nonessential services. During three spacewalks, conducted over several weeks, two crew members attempted to replace the critical assembly. Not including preparation and recovery time, the third and final spacewalk lasted over seven hours. 

Astronaut on a spacewalk, outside the International Space Station - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)While conducting an earlier spacewalk, ISS astronauts had encountered leaky coolant connections. Upon reentering the vehicle, frozen ammonia crystals adhering to their spacesuits vaporized, creating a poison gas. During the 2010 pump replacement, astronauts observed ammonia crystals emanating like snowflakes from coolant quick-disconnects. In the vacuum of space, the astronauts became gravitational bodies massive enough to attract those tiny crystals. After the earlier contamination event, NASA put new procedures in place. Spacewalkers must now remain outside until sunshine evaporates any adhered ammonia crystals. At the rate of 15.7 orbits of Earth each day, the crew never waits long for another sunrise at the ISS. 

After 2006, a limited number of shuttle missions remained before retirement of the fleet. Using prudent planning, that year mission planners positioned four replacement coolant pumps on board the ISS. After shuttle missions conclude in late 2011, only Russian, or contracted rockets will visit the ISS for at least the following four years. Adequate spares on-board were an appropriate hedge against the need for a resupply via disposable rocket.  

Early configuration of the International Space Station - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)On the third spacewalk of August 2010, the crew successfully replaced the failed pump. If the other functional pump had failed in the interim, heat damage to the ISS was a significant risk. Now we realize that NASA was a single failed-pump away from ordering evacuation of the U.S. Module. Later, calm-voiced NASA’s spokespeople belied the seriousness of the situation, discussing the pump replacement as if it were routine.

With electrical power and cooling capacity reduced for over two weeks, the ISS environment became warmer and darker. Not ironically, that is also happening here on Earth. With a steady increase in human-created carbon emissions floating in our atmosphere, particulate haze further darkens Earth's now warmer sky.

With crew safety uppermost in their minds, NASA and its international partners endeavor to keep the ISS functioning. Unlike the level of public interest during the Space Race, few of us today follow ISS news with regularity. As astounding as spacewalks may be, activities on the ISS appear to happen in slow motion. If we look past the disarming calm of weightlessness, human activity in space provides excellent parallels for our lives on Earth.

Lost City of Atlantis facts are few. Atlantis in low Earth orbit, with payload doors open - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)The Space Shuttle Atlantis shares its name with the lost or mythical City of Atlantis. Those who believe that Atlantis once existed, call it “lost”. Those who believe that Atlantis was only a story, call it a “myth”. After studying the subject for myself, I believe that the Atlantean culture existed on Earth, ending about 12,000 years ago. During their prominence, the Atlantean elite developed an advanced understanding of crystals as power sources. Lost in the Atlantean deluge, some ancient scientific principles we only now rediscover, as aspects of new energy.

As it happened, hubris and greed were the seeds of Atlantean destruction. In ancient Atlantis, energy often behaved differently than it does on Earth today. After many generations of transcending the effects of friction and heat, the Atlantean elite did not believe that mechanical or thermal failure were possible. Therefore, they expected their mechanical and electrical devices to operate indefinitely. 

The Atlantic Ocean (Atlantis Mar) - original site of the Lost City of Atlantis - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)Ignored by the elite, rapid-onset global warming had changed the underlying energy principles here on Earth. Like wax melting down the inside of a candle jar, large areas of Atlantis slowly slipped beneath the ocean waves. As the oceans rose around them, the Atlantean elite paid little attention. Possessing both arrogance and supreme self-confidence, they believed that they controlled Nature, not the other way around.

For a while, pumps protected what parts of Atlantean culture remained. However, a relentless period of global warming had overstressed their environment. As Earth energies became hotter and denser, the laws of thermodynamics came fully into play. One by one, water pumps that had worked for millennia began to fail. Similar to the cooling pump failure on Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2010, each Atlantean pump that failed put additional stress on those remaining. Eventually, a cascade of failures brought all Atlantean pumps to a halt. Soon thereafter, the advanced civilization known as Atlantis vanished beneath ocean waves.  

"The Bligh Water" reefs almost break the surface of the South Pacific Ocean, near the Fiji Islands - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)Clinging to both their gold and old energy thinking, most of the Atlantean elite perished in the flood. The few surviving elite embedded knowledge in their DNA regarding their failures. Also embedded was their old addiction to power, with which they had controlled the Atlantean citizenry. In a balancing of fate, an almost equal number of non-elite citizens survived the fall of Atlantis. Although non-elite survivors carried no exploitation gene, they embedded genetic knowledge regarding human-caused disasters. Their progeny held an unspoken desire to avoid catastrophe. Their approach to life on Earth featured forethought and planning 

Most humans alive today are descendants of Atlantean seed. Therefore, we have a natural predilection towards ‘elite think’, ‘citizen think’ or a combination of both. Both ancient and current elite thinkers exhibit hubris, greed and indifference toward their fellow humans. During World War II, the Nazi elite learned to disguise their message through doublespeak and inflammatory obfuscation, often dressed as entertainment. Through media promotion of their causes, the elite may try to confound, confuse or sedate us. However, each of us retains the ability to detect the ratios of Atlantean elite or Atlantean citizen energies present at any given time and place.  

Embedded Information can take many shapes (http://jamesmcgillis.com)While reading mass consciousness, we may compare current levels of greed and hubris with those of hope or caring. Where we fall along that scale, ranging from self-serving to selfless indicates how far we have traveled toward enlightenment. When critical systems on the ISS include plans for routine maintenance or replacement, it appears that we have learned our Atlantean lessons. When we observe inadequate planning, testing and operation of critical life-support systems on Earth, we see that Atlantean-elite thinking remains present in our culture. 

Each time we hear, “It can't happen here”, “failsafe” or “unsinkable”, we know that Atlantean elite-thinking is involved. By ignoring safety precautions, one tacitly accepts as truth the magical thinking of the Atlantean elite. By purposefully ignoring salient facts, humans continue to employ Atlantean elite-thinking in a self-serving way.  

Live-aboard dream-yacht: Myth & Mystery of Atlantis live-on in a steel-clad cruising sailboat, unfinished and rusting on the hard, Eureka, California - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis.com)On April 15, 2012, the unsinkable steamship Titanic will pass its one hundredth anniversary lying at the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean. In the 1958 Hollywood production of 'A Night to Remember', Eric Ambler’s screenplay alluded to the horror of death by drowning. In James Cameron’s top-grossing 1998 production of ‘Titanic’, an attractive young star freezes to death before our eyes. Fifty years from now, will yet another filmmaker refloat the Titanic and its Atlantean tale of folly?

More recently, greed and hubris caught up with the owners and operators of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Oil producer BP p.l.c. and its partners came to believe that they were immune to the laws of thermodynamics. In April 2010, while drilling off the coast of Louisiana, uncontrolled venting of hydrocarbon gas from a well resulted in an explosion and fire. Less than two days later, the twisted remains of the rig toppled to the seafloor. In addition to eleven deaths and many injuries that night, an estimated 4.9 million barrels of crude oil poured into gulf waters before operators could seal the well.  

The prism divides light into its new energy components - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis)No single person understood how all of the safety systems on the Deepwater Horizon platform worked. Before the explosion, undocumented modifications to on-board safety systems had precipitated numerous false alarms. After extensive undocumented modifications, no one knew if the systems still worked in concert with each other. Even so, top executives in both the owning and the leasing corporations had faith that their machines would not fail. Besides, if a failure occurred, the blowout preventer was there to save the day. Contented that no real emergency might occur, rig operators silenced many of the alarms. Later that night, everyone on-board received a rude awakening. Imagine being the individual who silenced those gas alarms, later to find a nightmare of explosive reality threatening all on-board.  

Each flood shows faces, as lost in the deluge of Atlantis - Click for larger image (http://jamesmcgillis)The Atlantean-elite thinking prevalent on both the Titanic and the Deepwater Horizon resulted in epic sea disasters. Over the energy bridges of time and space, we can almost hear the calls of the few citizens of Atlantis who survived. After triggering as many phantom alarms as they could, our Atlantean citizen ancestors fell silent once again. 

Along with the fall of Atlantis, there was a world population crash. With slow rates of recovery, it was millennia before another advanced civilization arose on Earth. Post Atlantis, only cultures that embraced the “profit motive” could qualify as advanced civilizations. Since that time, Atlantean-elite thinking has combined with the profit motive to create countless scenes of human war, death and destruction. In the tradition of Atlantis, today’s old energy elites hide their real motives, including their lust for both power and profit. 

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