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Author and consultant Jim McGillis was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in nearby Burbank and graduated from UCLA.  During the course of his career, Jim worked in retailing, aerospace, systems sales, executive recruiting and more recently as an author and consultant. 

Since 2007, Jim has written this blog online at JamesMcGillis.com.

Jim's web portal at MoabLive.com now features six live webcams, streaming from Moab, Utah, Durango, Colorado and Simi Valley, California. Jim has authored several e-Books, including WindSong, a personal history and The Self-Directed Job Search, which exposes the secrets associated with the executive recruiting industry.

His newest ventures include an online novel, written in real-time, live at JimMcGillis.com. What Jim McGillis will do next remains to be seen, but you can bet it will include some combination of travel, writing, photography and website development.

To contact Jim about his writing or any other subject, you may email him at jim@jamesmcgillis.com.

New from James McGillis:

'WindSong - Twenty-one Thousand Shaumbra Nights'  Reviews:

WindSong cover - click to enlarge"Hi Jim... What a great experience and pleasure reading your Book... WindSong. It was a Roller Coaster of Knowledge and Emotion. You managed to glide thru youthful innocence and pursuit toward your goal of happiness thru experiences and gained the knowledge needed to fine that Love is the answer.

Wow, that is what the Beatles had been telling us for years. Thank You for exposing your "inner being" and allowing me to look in… What I found is a great bunch of thoughts that will come to mind and help me in future circumstances. Most importantly, I found a Sincere, Well thinking, loving man who by all my senses, seems to a great mate for my friend Carrie... "Source" Bless you for coming into her life. "Source" Blessed you when she came into yours. Thank you again my friend, I can't wait to discuss the book with you. And yes, Yours in Love, Chuck"


WindSong as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file: 99¢

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Above, I offer my work in two formats: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and Microsoft Reader (.lit). While the Acrobat files are far more common, the new MS Reader format files (for PC users) are more easily readable, and can actually read themselves to you! Either format is available for your immediate download with your order - and you save over 85%!


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